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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 23 October 2019- The African Union (AU) hosted the inaugural award ceremony for the first Continental Teacher Prize. The AU Teacher Prize has been established as a means for demonstrating respect for teachers and the teaching profession, by encouraging and celebrating the committed teachers in Africa. The Prize raises the status of teaching, facilitates sharing of best practices in teacher excellence, and inspires the best possible candidates to join the teaching profession. Furthermore, the AU Teacher Prize is meant to serve as a catalyst for similar programmes at regional and national levels.


The Teacher Prize is an important and valuable instrument that contributes to the success of Agenda 2063 and the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA), with the following objectives:

  • · Enhance visibility and status of the Teacher in Africa at all levels - Preprimary, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary including TVET;
  • · Promote Teaching as a first choice profession at all levels; and
  • · Celebrate and encourage outstanding teachers.

For the 2019 edition of the African Union Continental Teacher Awards, prizes of $10 000 each were awarded to top African teachers at the secondary school level.

The following are the winners for 2019 edition:

  1. Ms Augusta Lartey-Young (Ghana);
  2. Sister Gladyce Kachope (Uganda);
  1. Eric Ademba (Kenya).

Through a competitive process, the winning teachers were selected for demonstrating the following qualities:

  • · Engaging in quality teaching which results in high standards of student achievement;
  • · Demonstrated knowledge of the subject matter, while keeping up with recent developments;
  • · Encouraging desirable behaviour among students through positive feedback and other methods;
  • · Managing classes to enhance the quality of learning processes, while ensuring accommodation of students with varied learning needs and abilities;
  • · Engaging in activities and networks that enhance the social and cultural value of learning;
  • · Helping students to achieve their long term career goals by organizing engagement with relevant agencies and information;
  • · Demonstrating multi-valency in facilitating acquisition of knowledge and skills, as well as values for peace building and responsible citizenship
  • · Positive engagement with fellow teachers encouraging mutual learning;
  • · Positive reputation from stakeholders and community members;
  • · Highly commended by students and staff members.

The event, facilitated by outgoing Head of the Education Division, Dr Beatrice Khamati Njenga, was attended by Dr. Yumiko Yokozeki, Director of UNESCO Institute for Capacity Building in Africa; and Ambassador Ranieri Sabatucci, European Union Head of Delegation to the African Union, as well as Ambassadors and officials from the AUC Permanent Representatives’ Committee (PRC), senior officials from Member States, RECs, Universities, education development agencies; as well as  Media and other partner organizations.