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 1.    Background:


Teachers do one of the most important jobs in society today, and must be recognized with the same degree of respect as other high-profile professions. Teachers can make a difference between success and failure in life; and easily determine the quality of education delivered and acquired. Lack of quality education is a major factor behind many social, political, economic and health challenges faced by the world today; as well as contributing to poverty, prejudice, and conflict. The recognition and celebration of Teacher is critically important to achieving the SDG Goals and especially the AU Agenda 2063 visions of integration, peace, and prosperity.

In commemoration of World Teacher Day 2021, African Union Commission, in collaboration with the CESA Teacher Development Cluster, UNESCO-IICBA, and Education International (EI), have scheduled a panel discussion and dialogue on revitalizing the teaching profession in Africa to ensure quality and relevance amidst the covid-19 pandemic.


2.    Purpose of the Webinar:


In brief, the webinar anticipates bringing together education policymakers, educators, practicing teachers and parents to discuss ongoing initiatives related to teacher professional development matters following the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic.


In view of this, the following topical issues will be discussed among other things:


a)    What is happening at the policy-level to support (or to revitalize) the teaching professional in the view of the new social-distancing normal;


b)    How teachers are equipping themselves with skills to use educational technologies to support learning and a shift to hybrid teaching and learning;


c)    The ongoing initiatives to support teachers to conduct classroom-based formative assessment of online learning; and


d)    How parental involvement is shaping the teacher professional development matters given the new normal.

3.    Proposed panel composition


-          Two policymakers from two different countries


-          Three practicing teachers (from different countries) – 1 ECE, 1 primary, 1 secondary school teacher


-          One REC representative – preferably from SADC or EAC


4.    Proposed time

Duration: 2 hours (11:00-13:00 EAT)





5 minutes



10 minutes

Opening remarks


15 minutes

Overview of regional initiatives

All RECs

60 minutes

Panel discussion

1 ECE school teacher

1 Primary school teacher

1 Secondary school teacher

2 MoE officials

15 minutes

Questions and answers


15 minutes

Closing remarks and way forward