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African Innovators in the education sector took center stage at the 2021 RewirEd summit, which took place at the Expo 2020 Dubai. The summit, led by Dubai Cares, and delivered in partnership with global stakeholders; presented an opportunity for the global education community to gather as a collective to scale and jumpstart some of the positive change the sector wants to see in education.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: 29 September 2021: The African Union Commission together with its partners organized the ‘Innovating Education in Africa Virtual Expo 2021’ to showcase technical innovations in areas of education. The expo kicked off by showcasing 50 innovations with the aim of establishing a platform for experience sharing on relevant innovations that address education challenges in Africa and to foster partnerships for sustainability and resilience of their innovations.


 1.    Background:


Teachers do one of the most important jobs in society today, and must be recognized with the same degree of respect as other high-profile professions. Teachers can make a difference between success and failure in life; and easily determine the quality of education delivered and acquired. Lack of quality education is a major factor behind many social, political, economic and health challenges faced by the world today; as well as contributing to poverty, prejudice, and conflict. The recognition and celebration of Teacher is critically important to achieving the SDG Goals and especially the AU Agenda 2063 visions of integration, peace, and prosperity.

Representatives of more than forty (40) Member States are taking part in the STC-EST III. Also in attendance are specialized institutions of the African Union: AU-CIEFFA, AUDA-NEPAD, IPED, AU-STRC, PAU, as well as partners’ institutions such as UNESCO, UNICEF, AfECN, Save the Children, AfDB, CEMASTEA, CAFOR, RUFORUM, GiZ just to name a few.